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Movie Night » 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)

"One more chance. One more time."

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The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better!

blaze it and praise it!

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the regions

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your favorite video game series is getting a new game


but it’s not coming out for a console you own


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  • Aries - Jecht [FFX]

You have a brash personality and can be very easy going. You can be harsh but good person at heart. You can be sentimental too.

  • Taurus - Bartz Klauser [FFV]

Has a great sense of responsibility and very caring.But you trust people easily that’s why be careful because they might just hurt your feelings. 

  • Gemini - Terra Brandford [FFX]

You hide too many secrets and scared to trust someone. But once you trust someone,you know how to be a good friend to them. 

  • Cancer - Cloud Strife [FFVII]

Very moody. But you are very caring friend and will do everything just to protect your love ones even if it cost your life.

  • Leo - Vaan [FFXII]

Playful and friendly. Social-lite but very manipulative. Talkative and short-tempered person.

  • Virgo - Squall Leonhart [FFVIII]

Can be cold,can be kind. But often cold. Hard to express your feelings and you only trust few people.But you can be very romantic.

  • Libra - Kain Highwind [FFIV]

Can be absent-minded or dense. A very loyal friend.You forgive easily.

  • Scorpio - Lightning Farron [FFXIII]

A determined and concentrated person.You are standoffish and sometimes can be distanced. But you can be a humorous person.

  • Sagittarius - Emperor [FFII]

Your adventurous nature and willingness to seek new horizons provides you with a variety of experience upon which to base your philosophies. You love intimidating people and very critical.

  • Capricorn - Warrior of Light [FFI]

Can be distanced,can be friendly.
Honest and stick to one goal. You enjoy being alone than with a companion.

  • Aquarius - Kuja [FFIX]

You can be narcissistic and egoistic. You let your pride rule in your own head. Sometimes attention seeker but sometimes can be distanced. You love elegance.

  • Pisces - Vincent Valentine [FFVII]

They say you are very cold at times and often stays in your own world.Hides too many secrets. Cold but soft inside. You don’t talk too much,but once you start talking,you can be funny and very entertaining.

I’m a Piscean,therefore i’m Vincent! ^^


5 Centimeters Per Second (Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru)

Via FYeah, Makoto Shinkai!


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